This is Remi, one of the main characters for the game project.

sagittarius full_Final

Initial design concepts for her looked almost identical, until I realized her eyes didn’t express the type of characteristics I wanted.  (as shown in Sneak Peek 02)

Color theory: I went with a red head design since I appeals to me greatly as a main character having this type of color. Also it’s kind of part of the story (spoilers).

Outfit design: Functionality wise it’s probably not the best idea to be wearing her outfit where she lives, obviously hunting wild animals or something… (shhh) anyway, I still wanted to do a cute design instead of just “tough”

Characteristics: I guess this area isn’t really needed and will most likely be updated more in the game project’s details, so stay tuned for that.

I’m planning on posting rough draft and concept process for some of my designs as I get used to this update procedures.


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