Hey everyone, so I’m back from comic-con, I had tons of fun! To top it off got a lot of motivation and inspiration from the panels and listening to the creators of these shows that I love! (Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc.)

On a little update; as our personal deadline approaches for the beta-demo version of our project: Zodiac Fates. I’ve been working on a lot of the programming/events within the game. I also redid the sprites for the main character and have been managing two sites + art assets so I’ve been REALLY busy! No, don’t pity me or think that I’m itching our scab stories, I’m actually super PAAAUUUMMMPPPEEDD~~!! YEYEAAH~!

Alright, just to show you a bit of what I’ve been working on here’s the character sprites and the title screen that I’m working right now! (Taking a break by posting a blog about it…does that count as a break?)


James  : James Sprite   

Remi : Remi Sprite 

Viggo  : Viggo Sprite


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