It’s a little intimidating when you know people are watching you draw, but on a positive side it helps me, significantly, to show how I draw and my process. It helps me because I can watch it myself afterwards and see how my hand moves. I can also see where I made an error and how I repeat a step over and over, that could have been fixed by one stroke.

There’s a lot of positives in showing my method and, for now, see no negatives!

Yes, it’s intimidating and a bit scary to show how I draw, because I’m afraid I’m not that good, but my motivation to keep getting better has shown me that no matter how I am at the moment that I can, in fact, get better.

Here is a link to my live stream account where I’ll be on live! I am going to work it out so you can also follow me on twitter so I when I go live you can see it on my twitter notification!




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