Honestly I have been working on my art so much I think I am actually getting happy with what I can produce…that means I NEED TO DO BETTER! Art is something you can never be content with, in my opinion. Because there is always room for improvement…

Gonna get a bit deep or philosophical here but I think my main goal to do art is to always find my flaws. No matter what we do I think we have flaws whether it be personality or skill, physical or metaphorical. My flaw is being content with what I produce, trying to speed through things, hoping and wishing that it’s good enough. I know it isn’t but at that moment I think it is.

Doing this project has taught me a lot about myself and my skill in art.  Hope I can create things worthy enough to entertain those who have the heart to play my game and see my art!…I think I rambled a bit. OOPS!!



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