So I’ve been challenging myself to enter these Weekly Character challenges on a concept artist forum lately!

This passed week theme was about a character named “Boris” who is a mercenary and a talented ruthless killer for a mob bosses and also works as a body guard.  Physically intimidating and yet charming and approachable. With a favorite weapon but also something that shows his soft side.

After doing some initial sketches on my own, I realized nothing really hit home for me…

Then I spoke with my boyfriend and as soon as we started to talk, the ideas and concept for “Boris” started to flow SO much easier! (Thank you Matti) Here are the things he said:

>>>”Physically intimidating doesn’t necessarily mean just big or buff, it could mean he’s really attractive too, which is also intimidating.” TRUE!

>>>”He doesn’t have to be over exaggerated in insinuating he’s a great mercenary to show him killing, he can hint at it with his demeanor and attitude” TRUE!

So what I decide to design was a character that looks attractive, to me that’s my bf, so I based him off of him! 🙂 I also wanted to create a sense of drama…to make the viewers “think” of what his face tells them. So I made him have a bit of a more thoughtful…sad eyes. (This was mostly due to the fact that he has a soft spot for his butterfly crested dagger which doubles as his favorite weapon. He holds this because his lover, who is dead, loved butterflies. ((A backstory my bf and I made up as we got so into the design process)))

Here’s the outcome…unfortunately I couldn’t make the deadline..some reason I read May 7th, but it was in fact the 4th..oh well D: But at least I can share the design process and fun I had with you all here!


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