So this weekly character design challenge is a Steampunk themed storm chaser, who carries an equipment that can both contain and channel the power gained from the storms! (Awesome idea right?!)

Thought process:

I came up with several ideas but couldn’t pin point the design at first, or if it’ll even be a male or female! The look I enjoyed the most was the female in the middle row, but seeing that character’s gear and look it felt a bit too “vanilla” and not too much of a great design. From here I added equipment designs and a giant head gear thing since she’ll be facing wind and rain a lot, I wanted to cover her head and cover her body with the equipment/gears.

After I thought on it a bit more and played around with the designs I concluded to a design where she had a floating companion in which contains the storm energy in it’s head and with a giant rubber wires connected to another converter that is connected to her arm gauntlet which serves as like a blaster on her arm (kind of like Samus/Megaman) But that was my process! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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