Haven’t updated in foreverskeez! (not a word) To give a little update I have been hired a new job in a new city, and at this new place, I got to know the art department! Nervous to all poop I conjured up the courage to ask if the art director will look at my portfolio! So he did, long story short, just as I thought I had A LOT to learn still, he agreed to teach this unfortunate soul (a naive little self proclaimed artist trying to become a concept artist..that’s me!)

I’ve done a few assignments already and it has taught me SO much more than I’ve learned in my 3 years at college. I’m learning things more rapidly and my eye is getting better and understanding what’s wrong with a picture more frequently, and what logic vs emotions are like, what I mean by that is that I’ve been so caught up with the “concept art this” and “concept art that” we see now in video game designs that I forgot the reason why I wanted to design characters…it was to design characters I WANT TO BE.Ā It was almost like being slapped in the face, the first thing my sensei (the art director that’s nice enough to teach me) asked me “What’s his/her story” for the character designs I showed…I had to pull out a long explanation and story…but then he said “you have all these like-able designs, but you need the skill the back it up to show it”; I was shocked…first that he said my designs were like-able! Seriously you have no idea how much I was screaming in joy, here’s a person that has SO much experience under his belt, so much knowledge and so much power he could have easily just told me “give up” and I would’ve believed him, instead, he told me a compliment and then told me my weakness..I knew that this is someone I HAVE to learn from. So my journey started last August/September to become a better artist, or rather a student of art!

SO! I wanted to share some of the homeworks I’ve done while I have been studying and hopefully keep this blog up to date kind of like a journal..? well I hope you can see my improvements that I already feel with my hands and eyes!

I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.. šŸ™‚


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