So I don’t know about everyone else but I played the crap out of Life is Strange, and gotta say it’s one of my favorite games of all time now!!
Next I have been listening to a shit load of creepy pasta audios while I do CDA homeworks and stuff!

I have also been making a HUGE list of new music I really like listening to so I’ll add playlist here. But check out my homework!

A lot of learning about knees/legs/body. I had a lot of issues with proportions when I started, but now it was the thickness; I tended to make buff guys torso super hella big. I think I got it right on these ones though?! Hopefully!


Here’s the three guys I listen to for creepy pasta:

Phantom Librarian




And my playlist!
Oh and Happy Late thanksgiving!! đŸ˜€

*I’ll probably add more to it tho



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