So digitally painting is really fun! I noticed a lot of people coming to watch my drawing/sketches; but from there I got some eye opening realization when it comes to painting; instead of pressure sensitivity on I put if off and outline a bit then go into painting.

Noting for myself here:

  1. Skectch
  2. clean lines
  3. paint base color (grey tone; 50% color zone according to Ryan Lang)
  4. Detail a point (usually face) this part changes between red shadows (still on base color) to detailing depending on the mood I want but for speed paint purpose it seems to be best to use the dark red shadowing)
  5. layer above lines for rendering

Now there’s still the issue of backgrounds. Ryan Lang approached with the perspective lines so you can put any kind of scene. Which I really want to learn but it’s so hard!  Gotta buy some books or watch online I think. I think one of the major problems is that I have no idea what kind of setting I want these to be in; or is WAY beyond my comprehension when I think of one.’s frustrating.

Anyway here are some request/doodles and some portfolio pieces.

I redrew an old drawing I did of an idea for Katarina (League of Legends character).




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