Seriously as the title reads it’s harder to say “no” to myself when it comes to that little voice in your head that discourages you.

I’ve been reading this book called War on Art by Steven Pressfield, my friend had given it to me right before I quit my job and take on improving my art skills full time. This book has taught me so much in a short time about how to over come the good old “art block” and those feelings of not starting to do what I plan to do. In short, the book talks about “resistance” from within yourself. How we discourage ourselves or even somehow manipulate ourselves to make excuses to NOT doing the things we want to do.

The depth he goes into it will make you go “oh…I do that..oh I do that too..” just spot on in the internal thinking process you get when you start to doubt yourself. I highly recommend it for anyone! I think it applies to anyone in their daily life; call me naive or easily influenced but I’m okay with that! You just gotta do it before you dismiss what I mean! \o/ (never know until you try right?!)

So with this motivated and optimistic view back in my skill hot bar (geek talk) I’mma activate this cool down that hopefully has no CD (LOL).

I have a Patreon now!! I will post the link etc to various places! 🙂 Hope some people want my art for something but hey if not? Just means I gotta get better!


Here are some pieces I did during my stream!


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