Actually not true it’s been going on for a while. lol Almost about 6 weeks!? of streaming almost every day!

School has been going awesomely, I’ve learned a lot from taking Head and Figure with Kevin Chen again for my second time and this time around it’s a TINY bit easier than it was previously! (Still really hard; the elegance of his pencil strokes and way he teaches is just amazing)  It definitely motivates me to do better and keep drawing everyday as much as I can.

With that there comes the wave of list of things I “want” to do. So I’d like to list them out! more for me not for you…(whoever actually reads this.. >_>)

  1. Do a more serious comic!
  2. Do more epic ass amazing full action pose art (much like the splash art for League of Legends
  3. Study more vis dev arts (like Ryan Lang, Bill Perkins, many others)
  4. Do more figure drawings (don’t be scared of how bad I am)

All together there’s a lot within the points that I have to do. And lately I have been super tired for some reason. Let’s hope I catch that non-February blues.



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