So! I didnt’ know what it was with my previous renditions of some of my fan art characters…I couldn’t pin point what it was that I just DID NOT like. Then I was thinking of my assignments I had to do/was doing. Then I realized I was hitting the midtones of the painting WAY too early. I’ve never done a painting class or an official digital painting course or anything but everyone told me that the rules of the course material i’m taking currently apply to all process even painting. SO! I started to think of painting in the order of how we are supposed to draw people/figure drawing etc. Which is gesture form over all figure and so on. Then I applied the LINES rules which are I C S (lines) I (straight) C (c curves) and S (s curved lines).

“I” is used less (straight lines should be used for special occasions because it allows the viewer to follow from one point to another.

“C” is the most common curve/lines used.

“S” is also rare because it’s a complex line the eye has to follow.

With this simple to under stand rule I looked at my drawing. Initially I KNEW that the design itself had too much complex designs in it. SO I decided the point of focus to be more simple (ie face because the body/outfit is way too complex) But the color choices I’ve made were too complex as well…(bummer) so I didn’t want to touch it for a while and was kind of super let down by myself. I looked at it this morning with about 12 hours of sleep and realized I was trying to hit highlights and shadows without putting the base color first!!  Which is a big no-no. It’s like trying to put complex hair on a person without having the base of the head structure/form correct! (it’s going to look wrong). Realizing this I found the base color and colored the entirety of the area that I “try-harded” (not a word) and blocked it out. VOILA! (looks ten times better!)


Obviously I have A LOT of weaknesses still and that’ sjust part of the learning process. But I was so happy that I was able to figure out what my weakness was when I looked at it; pulled it apart, applied my learning and notes and was able to come to the conclusion! Another thing that came to mind that allowed me to do this “block out fuck it all” kind of thing was because I’m taking Sculpture anatomy class. My instructor Bryan told us “Don’t be too precious with your Sculpty (our clay thing we use) and just slice it and get angry with it and it’ll actually work out a lot more often than you think” or something along those lines; and that stuck with me. SO I applied it to painting colors as well TAKE RISKS even if you think “Oh no..but i worked so hard on this part of the painting” NO! If it looks like crap and you think it’s the best you can do that’s where you’ll get yourself stuck in.

The mind has a lot of resistance (as Steven Pressfield would put it) so you have to fight against yourself and say “No I’m going to get better” or “No I’m going to post this even though I don’t feel like it” Being scared is a good thing, be scared and do it; without jumping into that risk you wouldn’t even know if you CAN or CANNOT do it. Whatever the outcome you learned something!

I think I went on a tangent of more psychological base but I think it’s true; drawing/painting/any form of art is a constant battle against yourself. You gotta win you.

TLDR: Don’t assume you know how color works or how structure/form works. Even if you do, assume you don’t so you can do it the right way. (DON’T JUMP TO HIGHLIGHTS OR SHADOWS BEFORE YOU KNOW THE BASE COLOR!)


This is the image i was talking about left is the previous and the right is the new one 🙂

Here are some things I’ve been working on too~!


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