So i went to Karla’s workshop at CDA last weekend. It was one of my moments where you go…”this is it” and that moment settled after I got home; this is mostly because I’m not really honest with myself, nor do I like to come to conclusions before I actually try it. Which was to try painting the way she taught during the workshop.

It’s really about loving to paint and learn and learn so much of what you do BECAUSE you love it. It’s a simple concept but it’s so hard for me sometimes because it’s so easy just to hit the backspace and say “no you suck anyway” yea well I may suck and I may not have the worlds greatest talent in drawing but I love painting and drawing I feel like there’s something I can communicate..something I can say without saying it with my pieces. I get so whirled up on having to find work or like I used to..just focus on “concept design” or “oh that’s not my style” no; if I really want to learn to communicate I have to know the language; and my language is art and painting and drawing and in different ways and styles. Doesn’t mean I’ll go abstract it means I have to learn my tools. Learn how to draw and paint metal/glass/fabric or FABRIC ON GLASS! How does that affect light? How does that lighting work in that painting with the golden circle/ratio being used; is my focus right? Am I over doing the rendering on a background where it shouldn’t be? Since what I want to communicate is about the subject, the person, the characters that I love to draw so much..?


I have a lot to learn still and I think I always will. But I love art and I love that I can get sad and down about my ability because it tells me I can learn more. It’s a tough boat ride, but I think I’ll learn slowly but surely to row the best I can.



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