Something I observed while I was doing my homework today (which was a full body master copy for lay-ins and values). Lay in is when you set up the paper/canvas so you know where the TOP and the BOTTOM of the image would be but in this case it’s also used to measure the top of the head to the (most times) tip of the subject’s foot/feet. Then the value is to show you understand how to control the darkest dark to the lightest light and midtones etc. Back to the subject of what I noticed was that…a lot of people don’t like classical music, for me personally I didn’t like it when was REALLY young because it felt somehow “draining”. I think I was on the right track of feeling this way. No I’m not saying Classical music is bad I’m actually promoting it because it helps me focus and learn so much while I can actually “hear myself think” (I never understood it until now).

I’ll clarify, classical music is such hard work, most cases takes more than one person to present  you that music and that music is hard work a lot of people putting their efforts to produce a sound that connects and intertwines and shows you something in your mind eye or to calm your body or even to excite you. I think because of this fact that a lot of people like pop music and popular top 10’s etc. I do as well! There’s nothing wrong but it’s also a short cut. I think it’s instant gratification, you feel the “high” of the music and the “drama” of it all together. I’m not saying pop music doesn’t require a lot of effort YES IT DOES! But it’s also a lot easier to listen to because of words and instant connection with those words. This is just an observation on my part and I could be totally off and in that case sorry! But for me, mentally when I look at classical traditional painting and works by Ilya Repin or Ivor Hele, that work and effort exasperates me…like overwhelmed and think instantly “oh fuck…I can’t do this..” and give up right there and then..and I feel like classical music is like similar…you don’t actively think on it..but in the back of our minds I think we know how much effort it takes and that overwhelms least for me.

Now instead of getting overwhelmed I feel like it empowers me by showing that I can do this too! That these great minds and masters fought their battles and did their best to focus on their skills and improving it..and it kind of inspires me.

Anyway here are my daily studies.


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