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Commissions are…OPEN!


  1. Mika
  2. Seb
  3. OPEN

Progress overview: 




Before starting your commission form please remember the following rules:


CAN request:

  • Original character (with reference), portraits, your game characters, fan art, Kindcoffee’s character’s


CANNOT request:

  • Works for commercial use, backgrounds, furries, any material that is 18+



  • If you need me to create a character/design outfits additional fees may be charged. We can discuss after I receive your form.
  • If more detailed background image is required there may be additional fees. Will discuss upon receiving your form.




These commissions are for personal use only.

By requesting a commission you are agreeing that you will only use the illustration for personal use and will not reproduce and/or distribute the material for anything other than personal use.


I may upload the finished illustration on my personal gallery or portfolio. If you do not wish to have the illustration be publicly shared, please let me know in your form.


If you would like illustrations done for commercial use, please contact me directly at




Question: I sent my request form, what happens now?

 Upon accepting your commission, I will send a confirmation email and an invoice via paypal. After confirming payment, I will start on your piece. You have 7 days (or one week) after my confirmation email to send the payment.

 Question: How long will the commission take?

The maximum time I will take on a commission is ONE MONTH from the day the payment is received. Generally it shouldn’t take that long but it all depends on the extent of the request. 

Question: What about cancellation or returns?

Once the fee has been paid, there are no returns or refunds if you do not like the outcome.



Kindcoffee’s promise:

I as an artist will try my best to depict the request with the reference provided and or description. Please keep in mind that I have my own style and that may or may not follow the style you are looking for. My artistic direction can be discussed for your requests.






commission banners

full colours


> max of 1 additional character

  • Headshot: flat colours – 50$ + 25$ additional character
  • Headshot: full colours – 70$ + 40$ additional character
  • Waist up: flat colours – 110$ + 50$ additional character
  • Waist up: full colours – 140$ + 75$additional character
  • Chibi: flat colours – 70$ + 70$ additional character
  • Chibi: full colours – 90$ +  90$ additional character
  • Full body: flat colours – 210$ + 110$additional character
  • Full body: full colours – 250$ + 150$ additional character

all prices in USD.